Doggie Daycare/Dog Holiday Care

All dogs that to come to SJ Petcare for either doggie daycare or dog boarding are treated as if they were one of my own.


All dogs are free to roam with my pets and family and are not crated/caged at any point unless that is what you specifically want.  There is always someone for them to playwith or quiet spaces within the home where they can retreat if they want a rest.

I have 3 dogs varying in ages and I tend to find it very interesting watching how the dogs all interact.  I will often find all the young dogs out in the garden playing and getting up to mischeif  and the seniors either basking in the sun, telling the youngsters off or curled up in a bed inside.

All daycare dogs and boarding dogs settle into the SJ Petcare routine pretty quickly and get two good walks per day and constant access to a well enclosed garden.

Doggie daycare includes a pick up and drop off service but daycare spaces are filling fast so if you want your dog to have company and an enjoyable day whilst you are at work please feel free to give us a call.

Dog boarding also includes pick up and drop off and I require your dog/dogs for a walk previous to your holiday to make sure all dogs in the house will mingle well.  Please make sure you book your holiday care for your dog well in advance as these spaces also fill fast especially over the summer.