Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting             Oliver u9 151

Cats are highly teritorial animals and become easily stressed when taken out of their home environment.  So if you are going away why not get SJ Petcare to care for your cats in their own home where they will be alot calmer and less likely to stop eating, as they often do in a cattery.

As well as having your cat kept happy, you will also be of peace of mind that the security of your home is being taken care of whilst you are away.  At each visit we can:-

  • Feed and water your cat
  • Play, groom and fuss your cats                                                       
  • Clean litter trays
  • Give any medication if required
  • Water any indoor plants
  • Close/open curtains
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Turn on/off radio
  • Empty bins
  • We also offer a cleaning service for your return
  • Get any milk, bread etc for your return.