Welcome to SJ Pet Care

SJ PetCare is owned and run by Sara-Jayne Pagett and we offer a wide range of Pet Services.  We are based in Watlington, Oxfordshire and have been established now since 2009, offering you the highest level of professionalism, reliability and petcare in South Oxon and Bucks.

If you are not able to walk your dog or are going away on holiday and need a professional Pet service to look after your dog, cat, horses, chickens, rabbits and more, then we are here to help.

So for all your Pet Care needs please contact us.

Our office Hours are from:

Monday – Friday  8am – 7.30 pm         Sat and Sun  10am – 2pm

Weekends and Bank holidays can be arranged on request.

We will ensure that your animals receive the care, exercise and attention they need in the comfort of their own home thus alleviating any stress and boredom.